Karen & Chad

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)



Thank you for giving us a chance to share our hearts, hopes, dreams and goals for the future.

We are high school sweethearts and have been married for 10 years!
We are Chad and Karen. We know you are sitting here today looking through profiles because you are considering adoption as a possible option for you and your child. We can imagine this time is scary, uncertain and overwhelming and we can't begin to understand your emotions at this moment, but we can promise to hold them delicately and honor them as we get to know each other. We want to say thank you for considering us as a possible family for your child. Thank you for giving us a chance to share our hearts, hopes, dreams and goals for the future. We are longing to share our adventures, love and our families with a child one day.
Where Our Story Began

We have a strong marriage that is led by God and rooted in our Christian faith.

We met junior year of high school. We went to different schools, but our best friends were dating. We have been nearly inseparable since we met. We dated for a while, but took different paths after graduation. Karen went off to college to become a teacher, and Chad joined the Marines. We continued to stay friends. As the dust settled, Karen graduated from college. Chad returned home from his station in the Marines and we were married quickly after we were back in the same place. We have been married for 10 years now. We have a strong marriage that is led by God and rooted in our Christian faith. We have our good days and our tough days, but we have the best time being together!
Meet Karen

Passionate. Loving. Adventurous.

Karen is always up for an adventure. She enjoys finding new places to explore, new foods to try, or a new book to read. She wakes up usually in a good mood and has always been a morning person! Her favorite thing is spending time with her family. Karen loves camping with her sister, going to the movies with her mom, or listening to stories at the family reunion every year. In her spare time, you can often find her grabbing coffee with a friend or curled up with a good book. Karen has always had a passion for working with children at church and at work. Karen now works by training teachers. She has taught a variety of kids, adults, and abilities, and she loves what she does! I am only 5 feet 2 inches, but have never let that stop me from anything. I have light brown hair and green eyes. My favorite place to be is with family. My favorite sweet treat is an ice cream sundae with any kind of ice cream, chocolate fudge, cherries, and whipped cream! I often forget to slow down, but Chad is quick to remind me to stop and enjoy all of the beautiful things in life. I enjoy reading all types of books, and truly believe books can take you on all sorts of adventures! I usually have a new podcast to listen to by different authors, actors, preachers, or crime documentaries. I love to cook and try new recipes!
Meet Chad

Strong. Loyal. Steady.

I enjoy hunting, fishing, and being outside.
Chad is currently a fabricator in a welding shop, which means he welds and builds a variety of machine parts at a plant. He is very near to completing his Engineering Degree. Another important part of him is the United States Marine Corps, which he served with for a time. Chad is a strong, confident, and brave protector of those he loves. He is always making jokes that keeps our friends and family laughing! He is frequently viewed as being serious, but he is really very lighthearted and hilarious! I am just over 6 feet tall. I have a bit of a "wild" beard that I am proud of. I enjoy hunting, fishing, and being outside. One of my favorite places to be is in the quiet of a deer stand. I enjoy a wide range of music, but I do my best work with heavy metal on or good old school country. I also enjoy spending time with my dad working on cars. I have learned how to fix almost anything with my dads guidance. On nice weekends in the spring or fall, I can be found grilling on the back porch!
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